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Company history
2020 ~ 2022 ~ 2019
3 Certified as a venture company
4 Start an overseas business, KAICO in Netherland
5 Selected as a company specializing in Gyeongnam TP anti-aging bio industry, and future leading technology commercializing business
7 Opens a shop for its own cosmetic products in Weihai, China
9 Registered as a subsidiary of Changwon National University’s technical holding company
11 Certification of 4 cosmetics are made in Vietnam and an agreement is made on overseas shops
Moves the company to new place (No. 506, Building A, Inje-ro 197, Gimhae City, Gyeongnam (Eobang-dong, Inje University))
1 Registered as a R&D Company in Gimhae Gangso Special Zone
Researches and develops the medical biomaterials with sea algae nanocellulose
2 Patented technology is registered (No. 10-2076409)
Patented technology is registered (No. 10-2223405)
Patent technology is applied (No.: 10-2021-0026458)
3 Opens a shop in Seoul Made Pavilion (Hanoi Vincom Time City), Vietnam
Youth Business Academy # Session No. 11 under Korea SMEs and Startups Agency
6 Selected as a company for business creation and development project by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Participates in Bio Agora Business Forum, Korea Health Industry Development Institute
Participates in Gimhae International Festival of Life Science as a R&D company
7 Makes a technical agreement for joint research with Shang-A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd/ Korea Vegan Research Center
10 Participates in Industry-Academia Cooperation EXPO (Suwon Convention Center) as representative of a subsidiary of Changwon National University’s technical holding company
12 Launches a cosmetic brand “Changwon’s Spring”
Changwon’s Spring, Opens a shop called “Gyeongnam Souvenir Shop” which is recommended by Changwon City and sponsored by Gyeongnam
Selected as one of 6 companies specializing in the medical devices i by Gimhae Biomedical Industry Promotion Agency (GBIA) and participates in the overseas fair and consulting meeting
2 Makes the Gyeongnam type ESG diagnosis and completes the diagnosis (NICE D&B)
Gets awarded with the prize of Gyeongnam type and sustainable type (ESG) expansion project
3 Registered again as a venture company: R&D type (No.: 20220406020038)
Registers the cosmetic brand “Changwon’s Spring” (No. 40-1855632)
5 Participates in “First Day of Korea” in Budapest, Hungary and exports the products
Registers the patented technology (No. 10-1542304)
Selected as “Market expanding type Big 3’ in Technological Innovation Development Project for SMB